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Wounds heal quickly without the need for medication with 4 amazing natural wound heal - jira13578 - 03-04-2021

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Many people  สล็อตxoวอเลท with ulcers Whether it is a fresh wound, an inflammatory wound, it is often used to apply drugs to heal the wounds, but do you really know that we can heal wounds with certain foods Which today we will see that What foods are useful in wound healing? This will make your wound heal faster. Which you do not have to waste money to buy drugs to treat at all

1. Water
You don't have to look far. Water nearby You are Can be used to heal wounds If you are eating enough water It will help make the wound area. On the skin of the body Heals quickly Because the water will help the circulatory system work better. Resulting in the blood to fully nourish the wound The more water you drink, the faster the wound will heal.

2. Honey
Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties without damaging tissue. This is an advantage that honey can be used to heal wounds without causing further inflammation. It also helps the wound heal faster as well. By the way in using honey to heal wounds is To wash the wound with clean water. Then use honey mixed with water at a rate of 1: 9 applied to the wound. Then cover with gauze When it is done on a regular basis Soon your wounds will have a miraculous heal.

3.Non-abrasive powder
Whole wheat flour, such as brown rice, oats, whole wheat, whole grains, taro and sweet potato. These foods are considered excellent in wound healing. Because it will help the body to extract protein to be used in the repair of wound tissue fully Resulting in faster healing of wounds Therefore, it is best to eat a lot of these foods. So that the wounds heal together quickly

4. Turmeric

And that can not be missed is our herb, our folk wisdom, turmeric. That has abundant properties in the prevention and treatment of various diseases As with any wound healing you can use turmeric as an aid. By the way, in using turmeric to heal wounds, it is. To bring turmeric powder mixed with water in equal proportions, then applied to the wound area on the body. Leave it for a while, the wound will gradually begin to heal, the use of turmeric to heal the wound. Will help make the wound do not cause symptoms of infection It also heals very quickly. In addition, turmeric helps create new skin cells around the wound. Therefore does not leave any scars Put it after treatment as well

And here are the properties that you may not have known about 4 foods that can be used to heal wounds. Both eating and using topical drugs instead of drugs Which are all effective together So anyone who has a wound and does not want to waste money to buy drugs to apply Try to take these methods to see.