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  Can a "heavy bike ride" actually cause my urine to become bloody?
Posted by: Busba1122 - 7 hours ago - Forum: Storie di matematica e fisica - Personaggi e Scoperte - No Replies

 [Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQv...pwZw==.jpg]

Anyone who has been riding a bicycle for a long time Or an avid cyclist Should have felt more or less "hurt" around his younger sister and younger sister Because bicycle seats are often reasonably stiff Plus receiving shocks while driving Again, the riding style may be a posture that is not suitable for long, comfortable sitting.
Pain or ache that gets after riding a bicycle What effect on the organ in that area Until the danger of urine is blood at all or not? Sanook Health has the answer from Asst. Prof. (Special), MD. Min. From Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society  บาคาร่า
Can heavy "cycling" really cause my urine to become bloody?
Cycling There may be parts that actually cause bloody urine. Due to bloody urine, trauma to the urethra or prostate It is caused by being pressed continuously on the bicycle saddle for a long time.
How to ride a bicycle safely Not harmful to the body
Choose a bicycle saddle and adjust the height to suit the rider's physique.
Adjust the bicycle saddle slightly up front. To reduce pressure on the urethra And prostate
If the urine is bloody. Should temporarily refrain from riding a bicycle The bleeding often bleeds a small amount. And disappear within 3 days
Urinary symptoms must be clearly related to cycling. Without other symptoms Not following the accident And should disappear by itself after 3 days of stopping riding in other cases Need to see a doctor immediately To look for other causes of blood in the urine, such as gallstones, cancer, kidney disease
Drink enough water at least 2 liters per day and get enough sleep.

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  8 things about "Airplane safety" that you may not have known about!
Posted by: Busba1122 - 7 hours ago - Forum: Spazio Libri - No Replies

 [Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3RyLzAvdWQv...pwZw==.jpg]

Did you know that planes have a lot of safety designs for passengers? And some things can be noticed too Only people may not know when any emergency will be able to take advantage!
1.Yellow hook Emergency hero
In an emergency where the pilot must land on the water The yellow hook on the wings of the aircraft is provided for securing the rope. This is to allow passengers to maintain stability while exiting the aircraft, especially when landing on water surfaces. Hooks and ropes are also useful to aid in the attachment of the air cushion. So as not to sway as the passenger slides down with  บาคาร่า
2. Airplane has no oxygen tanks.
Did you know that there is no oxygen on the plane? Because it is too heavy and too large for use. But above our seats, there is an oxygen concentrator that contains chemicals including Sodium Chlorate, Barium Peroxide and Potassium Perchlorate, all of which do chemical reactions as we pull the oxygen mask over the nose and mouth. To produce oxygen for us to breathe during an emergency.
3.Fireproof seat
The passenger seat is more useful than you think. Because it is made of fire-resistant materials, the chances of survival are higher in the event of a fire. After three astronauts were killed by fire while conducting a landing mission in 1967, mainly due to the capsule spacecraft contained only flammable materials. Including seat cushions containing foam
After the United States Aviation Federation (FAA) passed strict regulations on the safety of fire-resistant passenger seats in 1984, it appears that each year it can save 20-25 passengers as a result of the seats. Not combustible When there is a fire on the plane
4. Triangular mark in black / red
If you see a black triangle Which can sometimes be red inside the side wall of the passenger compartment So you're sitting in a seat known as "William Shatner's Seat," a character in the 1963 series The Twilight Zone, which sees the Kremlin on the wings of an airplane.
The markings were made to mark the crew that the windows at the seats were the best possible locations for the wings of the aircraft. If there is any abnormal situation, it can easily be examined for the problem.
5.A small hole in the window
Anyone sitting by a window should have noticed a small hole at the bottom of an airplane window. The hole is called the "Bleed Hole", which is useful for adjusting the pressure level of the window. Because the air pressure in the cabin and outside are very different. It is the reason that the glass has been damaged to explode if it is a general window.
As a result, the glass windows must have three layers, with the outermost pressure being the most. While the central panel, which has a hole It is responsible for safeguarding the passenger compartment by pressure instead of in the event that the outer layer is damaged. The innermost floor is a safety glass to protect the passengers in the machine, and the small holes that absorb moisture on the glass. Therefore does not cause fog or fog on the glass
6. Dimming in the cabin
If it's a night flight Before take off or land The interior of the cabin is dimmed down. And the crew will instruct passengers to open the window in order to allow their eyes to acclimatize the darkness. In the event of an emergency that requires evacuating passengers This will allow the passenger's eyes to quickly get used to the dark outside.
7. Bathroom door
Did you know? Crew can open the bathroom door at any time, even if it is locked inside. Which is under the LAVATORY sign that is attached outside the toilet There will be a latch that can unlock the bathroom door hidden. This allows the crew to open the door to help passengers in the event of an emergency.
8. ashtray
Even airlines have regulations to ban smoking in the toilets. U.S. airlines have banned smoking since the 1980s, and anyone who violates it will face a fine of $ 25,000.
Still, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all aircraft to have ashtrays in the toilets. To prevent possible fire. Since the garbage that is thrown into the litter box, such as toilet paper and sanitary napkins, are all easily flammable, so if someone violates the bathroom smoking And throwing away the cigarette butts that are not completely extinguished can cause a fire

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  How To Choose The Right 300-Ton Travel Lift
Posted by: AICRANE - 9 hours ago - Forum: Generale - No Replies

A 300-ton travel lift is going to be supporting a lot of weight, which explains why you'll want to be sure that you select the equipment you're buying wisely. If you follow this informative guide, you'll know things to search for, which suggests you'll have the ability to choose the best 300-ton travel lift.

Begin With Locating A Reliable Vendor

You won't manage to find excellent equipment when you can't trust the vendor that you're buying from. When you're deciding on a vendor, there are numerous of things you'll want to search for. You ought to aim to locate a vendor with inexpensive price points, and you ought to also be sure the vendor provides extensive details about the items that they can carry.

Beyond that, you'll want to consider a vendor that has a stellar reputation. If a vendor includes a long past and continues to be praised by many people your industry, that's the level of vendor that you'll want to buy from.

Know What You Wish

What you'll get from your travel lift will be different in line with the model that you simply choose. Some travel lifts have features that other models in the marketplace are lacking. If you have a clear picture of what you want, you'll have the ability to quest for a lift which includes those qualities.

Think carefully about how you're will be utilizing a boat lift and what exactly you need it to do. Assess if there are specific features that you would like to use. Once you have a greater thought of what you want, it is possible to choose a lift that may fulfill your expectations.

Focus On Famous Brands

If you would like assess the caliber of a travel lift, one of the things you'll want to consider is definitely the manufacturer from the lift. The top manufacturers consistently release premium quality products.

If you investigate the company of the product, you'll have got a clearer picture of the items you're actually buying. If you notice that this manufacturer's products experienced issues in the past, you'll realize that that specific brand should be avoided in the future.

Think About The Long-term

Many buyers make your mistake of concentrating on the original purchase cost of a product and ignoring everything else. If you want to do that, it's likely that you'll have regrets as time passes. Instead of concentrating on what you'll be paying right now, you should consider your costs as time passes.

As an example, if replacement parts are likely to be expensive, your lift could wind up costing you a lot more. Factors to consider do you know what the operating costs are likely to be too. You'll have got a better experience if you concentrate on the big picture when coming up with major purchases similar to this.

Don't understand how to choose the best 300-ton travel lift? Should you keep these tips in your mind, deciding on a lift shouldn't be a problem. You'll be able to invest in machinery that you'll get a lot of use away from.

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  Does cbd isolate have a taste??? Cannabis
Posted by: Oppor2nity - Yesterday, 10:44 PM - Forum: Generale - Replies (3)

As above. I usually use the full range of Cbd and cannabis, but I just bought some isolate of the same strength, but it tastes terrible. I can taste the full spectrum quite strongly, but it's not unpleasant, however the isolate has a chemical taste. It's disgusting, and frankly, I can't do it. The manufacturer tells me that I expect a bit of a bitter taste. All my research shows that the isolate should be almost tasteless. Has anyone else noticed a taste for isolation?

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Wink 'Artificial synthesis' helps produce cheap, clean energy.
Posted by: jiraporn66 - Yesterday, 10:35 AM - Forum: Generale - Replies (1)

[Image: j19QTE.jpg]

Experts point out that all sustainable sources of clean energy have disadvantages. Wind turbines will only work when there is wind blowing. Solar panels produce energy when there is sunlight. In addition, the best and the best solar panels. It's effective for only 20 percent.

Professor Dunwei Wang of Bostonสล็อตxoCollege said there was also a problem with the long-term storage of energy produced.

Professor Huang said that the only way to do this was to connect the solar energy powder to the battery. But if you want to produce electricity for people all over the country to use or the world to use There is currently no battery that can support this task.

The VOA reporter reports that nature has created a solar cell. Along with the method of storing the resulting energy All leaves are made using a synthetic process in order to take advantage of the Ee. By converting sunlight into chemical energy before it can be used or stored for later use

This natural process of photosynthesis is too slow for an energy-hungry world. But Professor Huang said that the new catalysts the team is developing will increase the efficiency of the artificial synthesis process and help us make better use of solar energy. By separating water into oxygen and hydrogen Which of the latter It is used in fuel cells to produce energy.

Professor Huang said the catalysts the team discovered. It is one of the best catalysts that can mimic photosynthesis. By making it easier to separate electrons from water. In the process of producing oxygen The separated electrons can be used to make water produce hydrogen or reduce carbon dioxide.

The researchers pointed out that more research is still needed. But they hope that the new, developed catalysts could be used on an industrial scale. This reduces the dependence on energy from coal and oil.

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  4 Causes of "kidney disease" that are not from "eating salty"
Posted by: Busba1122 - Yesterday, 03:20 AM - Forum: Storie di matematica e fisica - Personaggi e Scoperte - No Replies

 [Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQv...pwZw==.jpg]

17.6% is the number of Thai people with chronic kidney disease or those with latent kidney disease. Representing approximately 8 million people of the Thai population But the patients with kidney failure in the final stage It is approximately 8 thousand and tends to increase every year about 1-2 thousand people per year.
Previously, the World Health Organization or WHO issued a announcement to people around the world. Be aware of the consumption of salty food As a risk factor for kidney disease But if they are exactly the same Salty food is not just the ticket to a destination for kidney disease. Because there are still many causes and risks That is ready to take us to run the path of the disease at any time And not just on the second Thursday of March But everyday That we need to be aware about "kidney disease" more than this
Cause of "kidney disease" that is not from "eating salty"
Eat foods that are spicy, sweet, oily, etc.
Let's say you don't like eating salty food anyway. Do not cut the card just beware of kidney disease Because if you accidentally push to love food that is oily or sweet. The risks are almost the same.
Drink less water
In addition to eating habits Drinking less water Can be a cause that increases the risk of developing kidney disease as well  บาคาร่า
Do not exercise
The research found that People who lack regular exercise They are at twice the risk of developing kidney disease than the average person.
Dr. Phongpan Thanak, MD. Specialist in Nephrology Institute of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Praram 9 Hospital stated that in addition to known dietary factors, Also need to be careful about taking medication Especially in the group of painkillers, NSAIDs that cause blood to the kidneys to decrease. And resulting in worsening of kidney function as well But what is the main cause of the risk of kidney disease really about 70% is the underlying disease. Like diabetes and blood pressure Or even fat and obesity It is also a risk.
Dangerous signs "kidney disease"
Symptoms that may occur first. For patients with kidney disease is
There is swelling, especially on the eyelids, face or in some cases on the shins.
Abnormal urination, such as blood in the urine Or looks like a fine bubble It also results in an abnormal amount of urine as well, such as decreased urine volume even though drinking the same amount of water. Or urinating more often at night
The danger of kidney disease
For other diseases When we encounter abnormal symptoms quickly We are always getting good treatment. But it's unfortunate that kidney disease is not like that. Because as soon as we notice the abnormal symptoms that mean we are suffering from a dangerous stage of kidney disease. Or the worst is the fifth phase that will follow "End-stage renal failure symptoms"
Dr. Phanphan said the symptoms of kidney disease patients had five stages, but most of the patients, if not in the final or really bad stages Usually asymptomatic Therefore, than some patients will come to the doctor He was already sick in the last stage. Even if the patient has an underlying disease with it Until kidney function deteriorates The options that doctors can do are just to slow down the deterioration of the kidneys. To prevent symptoms from spreading to the final stage

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  Take a look at Migingo Island, the most crowded island in the world!
Posted by: Busba1122 - Yesterday, 03:12 AM - Forum: Spazio Libri - Replies (1)

[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3RyLzAvdWQv...pwZw==.jpg]

 For many people, if it comes to visiting the island. Would think of beautiful beaches, beautiful sea that stretches to the horizon Island-hopping and ocean-going always gives you a feeling of freedom. But these definitions do not apply to Migingo Island on Lake Victoria, Kenya, it is known as the most crowded island in the world!
Located between the Kenya and Uganda border, Migingo Island is approximately 2,000 square meters, or half the size of a football field. This is a fishing village that used to be a disputed area between Kenya and Uganda for holding the island's rights. But nowadays, both countries can agree to a contract to live together in peace.
The island is filled with houses of fishermen who have settled on the island to make a living by sailing out for seafood. Which is due to the fact that the island is very small but has a dense population Therefore, each house was planted closely together until viewed from a high angle like an island covered with iron. It is the origin of the eponymous iron clad island (Iron Clad Island) that many people call this island.
The congestion on this island is considered to be the most congested in the world. According to the survey, the inhabitants of the island are as high as 1,000 people compared to the island's size. I must say that there is a very high congestion. But the people of the island still can live normally Considered to be a strange thing in this world that is definitely not like anywhere else in the world.  บาคาร่า

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  Colored thermal paper - 3 compelling reasons to switch
Posted by: willding - 12-03-2020, 01:51 PM - Forum: Generale - Replies (1)

Strong reasons to switch to colored thermal paper
It is a fact that colored thermal paper is not a widely established product in the market, and this is due more than anything to the fear that any unforeseen change in some aspect of the business produces.

Nothing is further from reality.

Multiple scientific studies have found that color causes a positive impact on the mind of the observer, in other words, color helps our brain to record emotions and sensations. In addition, it is the ideal way to differentiate ourselves from so much white.

Colored thermal paper is a novel idea, and below we will give you the 3 reasons why we believe it is a product of the future:

Help differentiate ourselves from the rest
Whether to highlight a special ticket or simply to distinguish ourselves from our competition, colored thermal paper is an elite ally for this purpose. Crowds of businesses already use it to give simplified invoice tickets, or for separated items.

Another very common use in this field is that of the business theme. Generally, some particular types of businesses follow a specific color pattern. With colored thermal paper, we can complement the image of our company, while creating a brand identity.

Inexpensive alternative to custom paper
Although personalized thermal paper is an ideal option for our ticket to be completely in line with our business, colored thermal paper is the cheapest alternative without sacrificing the highest quality.

The investment of placing a minimum order in custom ticket paper contrasts with the opportunity to purchase smaller quantities of colored thermal paper. There are 2 sizes: 80 × 80 and 57 × 55, although other measures and customizations can be studied on request.

Company image
Your company is unique, so the equipment and the treatment you give your customers have to be unique too. What better way to stay in a person's mind than by using colors. It is proven that the use of certain tones promotes sensations and memories that last over time in our brain. The shades of blue, yellow, pink, and green have been carefully chosen to cause the greatest possible impact on the receivers and in this way, that the end customer is satisfied with their purchase.

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  What is the procedure to activate McAfee antivirus?
Posted by: dowiy88276 - 12-03-2020, 09:10 AM - Forum: Generale - Replies (1)

If your device is running slow and you are not able to access your device properly then there might be any virus or malware inside your device. To remove viruses and malware from your device you can download and install McAfee antivirus. This software helps you to protect your device against viruses and malware so that your device performance can be increased. Nowadays hackers are also active and can attack your computer system and may steal your personal information, so, to protect your device it is recommended to install the McAfee antivirus.Bitdefender Login
GMX Mail Login page

What is the procedure to activate McAfee antivirus?
To protect your device it is advised to download McAfee antivirus as it is the best and efficient antivirus. For downloading and McAfee antivirus activate follow the steps given below.MCHSI Email Login
Zoomtown email login

Open the web browser on your device and type in the address bar of the web.
You will be redirected to the official page of McAfee antivirus.
Tap on the sign-in option.WildBlue email login
activate starz
Now you will be asked to enter the activation code and choose your country and language.
Enter the code and select your Country and sign in |
quickbook online login
To proceed with the downloading process hit the install button.
Once the installation process gets completed tap on the run option and use your McAfee activate product.
How can you get the product key?
Once you reach the official website of McAfee activate by entering the in the address bar of the web browser. You will be required to redeem the product key by linking your account. Once you link your account you will receive the product key through email. It will be of 25 alphanumeric characters and it is case sensitive so you will have to enter the product key as it is given.squarecash login |
cash app login

How to use to get started with McAfee?
To start using your antivirus software, you need to first redeem your retail card by visiting After this, you can download and install your software and activate your subscription.

01) First of all, go to
02) Now, select your “Country” and the “Language”.
03) If the registration page auto-detects the incorrect region, then you may do it manually.
04) Now, enter your activation code the same as printed on the retail card or copy-paste it from the email.
05) After this, type in the “registered email address” that you have kinked with McAfee.
06) Hit the “Submit” button and see if you have entered the correct email address.
07) Click “Edit” if you want to make changes in the email address.
08) Afterward, tap on the “Verify” app login
amazon login

Download McAfee if you already have an Account
If you already have a McAfee account, then you may directly follow the steps given below. Those of you who do not have an account, first, need to create an account and then follow the instructions given below.

01) Visit and enter the activation code in the given space.
02) Now, login to your account by using registered credentials.
03) Click on the “Download” option present next to your desired McAfee product.
04) This will download your product.
05) You may also directly click on the option that says “Download your software”.
06) Choose it if you have already used the activation code.
Steps to install McAfee
01) When the product is successfully downloaded, locate the downloaded file.
02) You may find it in the “Downloads” folder of your device.
03) Now, right-click on the .exe file.
04) Click on the “install” option to start installing your product.
05) After this, you may activate it on your Windows as well as Mac devices.
McAfee activate on Windows
01)Begin by double-clicking on the McAfee icon on your desktop.
02)Now, you will be prompted to log in to your McAfee account.
03)After logging in, type the 25 digits McAfee activate product key in the given space.
04)The activation may take a few minutes.
05)When the activation completes, open the software and start using it.
McAfee activate on Mac
01) Locate the McAfee Icon on your desktop.
02) Double-tap on this roku links
online help for game
03) Now, enter the credentials of your Mac admin account.
04) When prompted, provide the serial number of your product.
05) After entering the activation code, click “Finish”.
With this, the process to deploy McAfee Antivirus comes to an end and now you can set up a quick scan or scheduled scan based on your convenience. Moreover, if you have bought a product with multiple licenses, you can utilize these additional licenses by sharing the protection on other devices as well. For this purpose, click on the ‘Add Device’ option present under the ‘Subscriptions' menu of your McAfee |

In all actuality as we probably am aware it where cybercrimes are tenaciously on the climb and affirmation of data from online threats has
become a principle stress for all advancement customers, accommodating or something different, a reliable antivirus program has become an
outright need have. DocuSign Login McAfee Antivirus is one of the primary security providers concerning on the web protection and prosperity against developers and a wide scope of online threats, for instance, diseases, malware, Trojans, keyloggers, and so on However, what you will do
you McAfee checking isn't working? Now and again McAfee contamination channel isn't working, in the condition, you have to follow
underneath notice steps to beat these conditions. activate STARZ mcafee activate Antivirus makes sure about your PC and other PDAs from these risks by equipping them with different protective features, including a solid firewall, unfriendly to malware, and against phishing features, electronic watching, similarly as consistent looking at.
Irregular compasses are run normally by the program and you can in like manner get to the McAfee establish application on your system to
run a yield genuinely. DirectTV login Notwithstanding, as is substantial with anything, there is a probability that you may encounter some occasional
trouble when endeavoring to run a compass with McAfee Antivirus. So what might you have the option to do if your McAfee activate is
basically not working? DLF SkyCourt Gurgaon

This view offers a solitary location to all file the executives errands. You can oversee account settings, import and fare records, open
Outlook statistics documents, spare Outlook statistics matters in specific organizations, see a full-web page print assessment nearby
print choices, redo the lace and Quick Access Toolbar. NCSECU login Speedy Steps. Presently you could oversee and unexpectedly react to data. Tellgamestop
make and signify everyday undertakings that may be accomplished in a single stage. You'll reduce the amount of snaps required and
unexpectedly forward messages, erasing the primary banner. Change Verizon WiFi Password MailTips. This issue allows you to be counseled while you're going to ship an
substantial dispersion list, abstaining from spamming, and to any person who's out in their office. It likewise assists with staying
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substance outwardly earlier than really sticking it. Picture Editing Tools. Not absolutely new, but magnificently improved, this tool lets
in you to trim, adjust and include affects immediately for your email. Sparklight login

You can likewise grab and be a part of display captures into your paintings with out leaving Outlook. Timetable View.Take a gander at and hold wide conscious thus far with this not unusualplace agenda
include. You could now be capable of see severa schedules (family, associates, and so on) Likewise, you could plan gatherings thru the not
unusualplace agenda tool. Room Finder. Discussion approximately simple, you
could now have the ability to devise a meeting room, at the off risk which you are an Exchange client, with this tool. Schedule View.

PSVue com activateRoku

You don't want to go away your letter drop to make sure a stated date is accessible. Contact Card. When interfacing with partners and
associates, you could spare converting beginning with one software then onto the subsequent withinside the occasion which you use
Microsoft Office Communicator or texting software. Viewpoint Social Connector. QuickBooks online login No moreover converting out of your mail software in your casual enterprise with this instrument. DLF Skycourt

IP Address is furthermore referred to as as Internet Protocol Address. Neighborhood IP Address is the inner place in which your transfer
dispenses a precise place to all of the units of your own home affiliation like PCs, phones, PCs and tablet, and so on This place is non-
public and now no longer clean to out of doors your affiliation. If, you want any help, you could touch AVG bunch via avg retail.
Find Local IP Address on Window 10:
You have to open the Windows Start menu and thereafter pick out Settings elective. As of now, you need to choose out Network and Internet.
Here, you need to choose out Wi-Fi withinside the left aspect board and sooner or later click on on Advanced Settings elective. If, if you
have wired relationship, with the aid of using then you definitely need to choose out Ethernet and thereafter you need to faucet on
Network affiliation. Windows 10 installed

In each the cases, your nearby IP will display you withinside the accompanying window.
To see your nearby IP address, it'll is going under "IPv4 address".
The above method will assist you with locating your Local IP Address on Window and Mac.

enter roku activation code

If in case, you want such an help then you definitely can name the ace of AVG bunch at anything point. For nuances, you could visit the webweb page of AVG with the aid of using
techniques. Roku activation codeloose webmail US-primarily based totally e mail employer used to percentage vital facts and communicate with the clients. online help for game
want to apply e mail regions and commercial enterprise clients are allowed to apply e mail has a tendency to at the same time as creating
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recognize higher a way to convey success to the clients' appearances. By getting a 100% fulfilling route of movement to reset/extrade the
thriller phrase you may be grateful to them. aol mail login sign
Garmin golf watch

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  Does alcohol really help bed activities?
Posted by: Busba1122 - 12-03-2020, 08:43 AM - Forum: CineMath - Replies (1)

 [Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL21lLzAvdWQv...pwZw==.jpg]

Have you ever heard that Alcohol can be the culprit in reducing our sexual image. But in some cases, you have to drink first to create an atmosphere before the end of the war. Until coming out of the perfect sex until you and she remember for a long time First of all, let's understand that sex is an activity that is more than just completing it, as sex is a science that requires both emotion and a lot of attention. Which alcohol is considered to be a choice to create a mood for better sex. Because many streams used to say that alcohol makes sex more exciting But at the same time there was a voice of controversy from each other as well That alcohol negatively affects sex as well Because drinking or all kinds of alcohol are bad for your health. But at least there is some research to explain That alcoholic beverages can help stimulate sex drive. And add a degree of wanderlust to your subject in bed no less silly than before This also depends on the amount of alcohol you drink. Because if you drink too much Sex is inferior in quality as well. Drinking to make matters hotter in bed Must not be drinking seriously Drunk on one side for sure Just take a sip on the mask to stimulate the flow of blood to pump. Calling a light sexual emotion, it should be enough for you to carry on the emotional love has become stronger than before. Which alcohol may have advantages that you didn't even know existed Come and see at the same time that The belief that alcohol affects sex in our beds
Heavy drinking = sex deterioration if drinking too much Until I get drunk I see, it probably won't have the energy to do anything, so drinking alcohol to arouse and love in bed should be controlled in the right way Otherwise, in addition to starvation in bed You may also become a drunken man who is severely addicted to alcohol and lose his health.
Alcohol can help sex drive. Excessive alcohol intake limit There is a chance to reduce the level of your sex drive It is easy to explain that when the amount of alcohol in the blood stream is too high Will affect the system within the body Turbulent the rate of pumping blood that is delivered to the organs, including the blood that needs to be delivered to the penile tissue.
He may not crow or ejaculate faster. May cause symptoms, he does not cock or ejaculate quickly. Until the partner becomes frustrated It is one of the main problems that cause the bed to break a lot. Which is because When I feel drunk The drowsiness will continue to follow, resulting in a decrease in sexual performance. And consciousness of expression will faint
You can be embarrassed in bed. Alcohol may stimulate blood flow to pump. Calling a light sexual emotion, it should be enough for you to carry on the emotional love has become stronger than before. Plus there is also a valid medical research result that Drinking alcohol in moderation (1 glass of beer or 2 glasses of wine per day) also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. And blood pressure disease separately
I saw that Alcohol has both advantages and disadvantages depending on how much we drink. So before we end up fighting with the girl of dreams Alcohol is considered an item that enhances the taste. To make our sex better Therefore I recommend that you take a sip Considered to be just right

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