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  Pulse oximeters, used to fight COVID-19, may be inaccurate on people of color: FDA
Posted by: miniming - 8 hours ago - Forum: Generale - Replies (1)

Pulse oximeters, used to fight COVID-19, may be inaccurate on people of color: FDA

[Image: pulse-oximeter2-01-gty-iwb-210223_161409...x9_992.jpg]

Black patients are more likely to have undetected low blood oxygen levels.

Pulse oximeters, medical devices used in battling COVID-19, may not work effectively on people of color, according to health officials.

The small devices clamp onto a patient's finger and measure oxygen levels in blood. During the pandemic, they've been used by people at home and in hospitals to monitor COVID-19 patients as the virus attacks the lungs, often leading to a drop in oxygen levels.

"The devices may be less accurate in people with dark skin pigmentation," The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement on Friday.

Black patients are nearly three times as likely to have dangerously low blood oxygen levels go undetected by pulse oximetry compared with white patients, the FDA said, citing December research.

Pulse oximeters use infrared light beams to estimate the oxygen saturation of the blood and pulse rate, and darker skin pigment may absorb some of that light and alter results.

"Melanin is a primary light absorber in the skin, and it's going to absorb the light. This abounds more in individuals with darker skin," Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, an assistant professor in the Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins, told ABC News. "These devices were evaluated on a certain population. It doesn't take into account confounders like darker skin. We'd love to calibrate for darker skin variations -- it's just never been done before."

He said these devices appear to be just another example of health care disparities that result from when studies are too focused on a homogenous group.

Pulse oximeters are popular because they're a painless way to measure blood oxygen levels. Other factors that affect the accuracy of pulse oximeters include skin temperature and thickness, tobacco use and the use of fingernail polish.

Galiatsatos warned patients who use pulse oximeters at home to closely monitor their symptoms and call a doctor if they experience trouble breathing.

"It's crucial because if there's low oxygen that's untreated, it'll result in organ failure," he said.

The FDA is now reviewing the effects of skin pigmentation on the accuracy of these devices. Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its coronavirus clinical guidance to flag that skin pigmentation may adversely affect results.

However, this issue isn't new.

Nearly a month ago Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Corey Booker of New Jersey, and Ron Wyden of Oregon, called on the FDA to review the efficacy of blood oximeters among different racial groups.

Read More : slot

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Wink How to set goals "Exercise" to be successful with the principle of SMART
Posted by: jiraporn66 - 8 hours ago - Forum: Generale - No Replies

[Image: ouQsGP.jpg]

Many people may slotxo  have had a problem that Intend to exercise seriously But couldn't start to do it Sometimes I can do it for a while. Or some of them did and then felt discouraged. Dr. Chawaponkit Hirankun (Mor Art) and Dr. Orakamol Inkong-ngam (Mor Aom) from DOCTORVIP would like to recommend a method for setting goals in the exercise called That SMART Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting consists of

S = Specific, set it to be so specific that What kind of exercise will you do, such as running, walking, swimming, boxing, weights, going to yoga?

M = Measurable Both in terms of intensity and duration, such as running with moderate intensity for 30 minutes a day.

A = Attainable defines what is actually possible and suitable for you, for example, you have never exercised before. Short goals should be set as simple as starting with a walk. Who has never walked for a long time Begin to set a goal just 10 minutes ago. If the time that we set, gradually increase it to 30-50 minutes until we exercise 150 minutes per week. As recommended

R = Relevant defines activities that will fit our long-term goals, for example, wanting to lose weight numbers. May choose to set a goal for cardio exercises first. So that fat is burned A little weight loss to encourage And gradually add other forms of exercise goals to follow, but if anyone has a suitable body weight but less mass, Starts to burn badly May choose to set a weight training goal first

T = Timely, clearly define the number of times, how many minutes, how many days, how many days, how many months for this goal, for example, I will walk for 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday for 3 months. We will continue to add more goals.

Setting short-term goals Allowing us to reach our goals easily As a result, we are encouraged to do the next goal that is more difficult and difficult. Because we feel a challenge every time we set a new goal. The goals that we set should not be too easy. Or too difficult Many times we feel that we fail to exercise. It may be because the goals we set may be too far away.

SMART Goal Setting is useful for setting fitness goals. It can also be used to adjust other health behaviors such as diet planning or weight control, and you will find that setting good goals is the key to good health without difficulty.

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  Top academic writing services USA
Posted by: Adriantoth - 10 hours ago - Forum: Generale - No Replies

Essay work is basically any piece of work that as a part of the course at college or university. Moreover, essays are a type of coursework but it needs extra requirements and a different writing format to a traditional essay. The requirements for coursework can vary extensively. In general coursework is not exactly the tricky assignment on its own. Many students have problem with coursework, because teachers do not give a better consideration to what students are doing.  In academic writing students have problem with deadlines. Coursework is a used to describe multiple types of college assignment. There are various online essay writing services. Some of them are cheating people. So we need to be very careful while selecting services online. Every assignment that thesis writing service produce comes complete with an in depth report, a full plagiarism scan that gives the assignment is completely original. The service guides you through to the completion of coursework perfectly. To make sure that the things that we used for writing should be accurate and satisfies exact requirements. The coursework can be something from an essay to a report or literature review. Coursework is an important and most appropriate factor to the final grade of student degree.

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  Fashion designer Alexander Wang accused of sexual assault
Posted by: Beauty Sirikarn - 10 hours ago - Forum: Storie di matematica e fisica - Personaggi e Scoperte - No Replies

[Image: _117174204_wang_getty.jpg]
American fashion designer Alexander Wang is facing further allegations of sexual misconduct.

Keaton Bullen, 21, a student at New York's Parsons School of Design, has alleged to BBC News he was assaulted by Mr Wang at a club in the city in 2019.

It comes as the high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom says she is now representing 11 men with misconduct allegations against Mr Wang.

Mr Wang robustly denies all the claims made against him.

'I completely froze'
Mr Bullen, then 20, was with a friend at the Fishbowl club in New York City when he says he encountered Alexander Wang on 24 August 2019 at about 11:30pm.
He told the BBC they had initially talked about their mutual alma mater, Parsons School of Design in lower Manhattan, where Mr Bullen is currently studying interior design.

Mr Wang then invited the pair to his table and and offered them vodka by the bottle before eventually leading him to the dance floor, Mr Bullen said.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr Bullen alleged, Mr Wang sexually assaulted him.

"All of a sudden he unzipped my trousers, put his hands in my pants and started grabbing my penis in front of a bunch of people," he said. "I completely froze.

"He then said: 'I want to take you home with me,'" Mr Bullen alleged. "I felt weirded out... and removed myself from the situation as fast as possible."

Paul Tweed, one of Mr Wang's lawyers, said he was currently awaiting CCTV footage of the club from the night which he said "his client believes will totally disprove this allegation". pg slot

Mr Bullen said he felt a duty to speak out to support others who had come forward with allegations and were being called "liars".

He is not taking legal action and said he did not want his photo used, out of concern the public would accuse him of seeking attention.

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  Dead pilot whale calves on the beach in Macquarie Heads
Posted by: Beauty Sirikarn - 10 hours ago - Forum: Generale - No Replies

[Image: _114568285_hi063455052.jpg]
He warned that if the bodies should wash back into the sea, they could pose a significant navigation hazard. The carcasses could also attract predators such as sharks and even present an environmental health issue as the decomposition of such a large number of animals could affect oxygen levels and hence marine life.

"So the strategy is going to be to collect and contain," Mr Deka explained. "When conditions are suitable we will take them out to sea and release them."

What about the rescued whales?
Dr Carlyon said they were pleased they had been able to rescue just under 90 whales so far.

"On Monday, as we were coming up with plans, if we had said 90 we would have been very happy with that. We are really, really pleased with that number," he said.

Dr Carlyon added that the rescued whales were being released into deep water, at which point "they are on their own".

"Tracking work in the past has shown that animals released individually do reform after a period and behave as we would expect," Dr Carlyon added. "We are hoping they are forming those bonds again."

How did the whales get stranded? pg slot
The pilot whales washed up on sand spits in the sea around an area called Macquarie Heads.

The stranding is one of the largest ever recorded and eclipses a previous national record of 320 whales beached in Western Australia in 1996.

It is not fully understood why the whales became stranded but pilot whales are known to be more prone to getting beached. They are not considered endangered, although exact population numbers are not known.

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  Australia to euthanise stranded animals
Posted by: Beauty Sirikarn - 10 hours ago - Forum: Enigmi, giochi e paradossi - No Replies

[Image: _114568284_hi063455069.jpg]
Several surviving pilot whales beached in a mass stranding in Tasmania will be euthanised as they cannot be saved, officials have said.

About 380 whales have already died in Australia's worst stranding on record.

Tasmania's government said 88 of the animals had been rescued so far and there was hope for another 20.

But rescuers said four surviving whales that were too exhausted to be saved would have to be euthanised as it was "the most humane thing to do".

"These are animals we've given a chance, we've tried to release them but they haven't done well," Kris Carlyon with the Marine Conservation Project explained.
He said there was no viable chance to successfully release them again and "in this case the best, most human course of action is to euthanise".

The four animals in question were assessed by a vet before the decision to kill them was taken, "based purely on animal welfare grounds".

What will happen to the carcasses?
With close to 400 dead whales on the Tasmanian beach, the rescue operation is now focusing on what to do with the carcasses.

The animals' bodies could either be left at the beach, buried there, taken to a landfill, or taken out to sea.

Blue Planet: Death of a pilot whale calf
BBC Earth: Pod of pilot whales in an Orkney harbour
"We are starting to form a plan," Nic Deka of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service told reporters on Tuesday. "Our preference is for disposal at sea. We're still taking expert advice as to exactly where the drop-off point may be.

"Our focus for the next few days will be trying to contain the spread of carcasses because as the whales start to decompose they will bloat and float, and with wind and tide they will drift." pg slot

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  Nearly 100 pilot whales die in mass stranding off New Zealand islands
Posted by: Beauty Sirikarn - 10 hours ago - Forum: Storie di matematica e fisica - Personaggi e Scoperte - No Replies

[Image: _115636114_hi064496212.jpg]
Almost 100 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands.

Conservation officers said they were notified about the incident on Sunday but by the time they reached the location, Waitangi West Beach, few of the animals were still alive.

In total, 97 whales and three dolphins have died.

It is unclear what caused the stranding on the islands, which are 800km (500 miles) east of New Zealand.

Jemma Welch, a ranger at the country's Department of Conservation (DOC), said in a statement that 26 stranded animals were put down because of rough sea conditions and the "almost certainty of there being great white sharks in the water which are brought in by a stranding like this."

The department said that members of the local Moriori and Maori communities performed a ceremony to honour the spirits of the whales. Their bodies will be left to decompose.

Pilot whales are one of the most common species of whale in New Zealand waters, and can grow up to six metres (20ft) in length.

Mass strandings are reasonably common on the Chatham Islands, according to the DOC. Up to 1,000 whales were stranded on the islands in 1918 - the largest incident of its kind in New Zealand.

It comes two months after one of the world's largest recorded mass strandings, which left at least 380 whales dead on a beach in Tasmania, Australia.

It is not fully understood why the whales became stranded but pilot whales are known to be more prone to getting beached. They are not considered endangered, although exact population numbers are not known.

Two years ago a group of around 145 pilot whales died after becoming stranded on a beach on Stewart Island (which is south of New Zealand's South Island).

'The night I found 145 stranded whales' pg slot
There are various theories for why beachings occur. Some say the animals could be getting disoriented after following fish they hunt to the shore.

Others believe that one leading individual can mistakenly lead whole groups to shore.

Researchers also think that such groups are more susceptible near beaches which gently slope across a wide area because the whales' sonar pulses can fail to detect the shoreline in shallow waters.

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  Pilot whales refloated at stranding spot
Posted by: Beauty Sirikarn - 10 hours ago - Forum: Storie di matematica e fisica - Personaggi e Scoperte - No Replies

[Image: _117177473_whale2.jpg]
Rescuers have successfully refloated 28 pilot whales on a notorious New Zealand beach where they had repeatedly beached themselves.

The long-finned pilot whales were part of a pod of around 50 first found on Monday at Farewell Spit, known for its mass strandings.

At least 15 from the pod have died.

However, the surviving whales, who were rescued twice, have remained close to shore and could beach themselves again, wildlife officials said.

"The live whales haven't stranded overnight, so it's looking like success right now. We're using the phrase 'cautiously optimistic'," Daren Grover, general manager of animal rescue charity Project Jonah, told news agency AFP.

Some 40 whales were pushed out to sea on Monday evening, but they swam back ashore by the next day.

A group of 50 volunteers then had to help push the 28 survivors back into the water for a second time.

"The beaches have been checked all the way along Farewell Spit and there's no sign of live whales ... So far, so good," Mr Grover said.
Farewell Spit, a 26km (16 mile) hook of sand that protrudes into the sea, has been a frequent site of strandings, although scientists are unclear why.

One theory is that the spit creates a shallow seabed in the bay which interferes with the whales' sonar navigation systems.

Why are so many whales washing up?
Nearly 100 whales die in New Zealand stranding
The area has seen at least 10 pilot whale strandings in the past 15 years. The most recent was in February 2017, when almost 700 of the mammals beached, resulting in 250 deaths. pg slot

It is not fully understood why whales became stranded but pilot whales are known to be more prone to getting beached. They are not considered endangered, although exact population numbers are not known.

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  Artriblock Ulasan
Posted by: artriblockidbeli - 10 hours ago - Forum: Antenne e Telecomunicazioni - Radio - No Replies

Artriblock-Dalam pendapat mereka, ya. Proposisi itu adalah trik dasar untuk memantau Artriblock. Siapa kau untuk melihat ke dalam apa pun yang memberikan ikhtisar argumen saya? Ini didasarkan pada sejarah masa lalu perubahan Anda. Mungkin tidak, kecuali Anda menemukan ini beberapa pernyataan tidak bekerja untuk Anda. Aku memilikinya pada otoritas yang tidak diterima. Saya berharap begitu banyak pemula memiliki cita-cita ajaib ini apa ini. Namun, saya tidak memiliki prestise yang sangat bagus. Proses saya masih dalam tahap awal. Untuk memahaminya, Anda mungkin perlu membaca di antara baris. Aku tidak merasa seolah-olah aku harus membuktikan apa-apa. Aku datang untuk menyadari bahwa menyentuh di atasnya. Kurasa aku terdengar seperti orang tolol. Anda mungkin membayangkan bahwa aku berdandan. Hei, seperti rekan-rekan pekerja saya mengklaim, "Apa yang terjadi di sekitar datang sekitar." Bagaimana itu untuk suatu kemungkinan? Tidak meninggalkan batu terbalik. Menggunakan itu harus dicocokkan dengan mekanisme itu. Saya menggunakan pendekatan acak ketika saya menulis sehubungan dengan pilihan ini. Jelas, aku tahu, hanya meludahkannya sudah.

Aku bermain possum. Aku berhubungan dengan mereka tentang contoh itu. Kadang-kadang saya tidak memahami apa yang saya lakukan dengan inovasi mereka.

Waktu itu saya sudah mencoba taktik yang sama sekali berbeda dalam hal itu setiap kali saya bisa dipanggil ini. Baca bibirku, akhirnya aku tiba. Hal ini dilakukan untuk memastikan bahwa pemula memahami undang-undang saat ini. Ini benar-benar meledakkan prahara. Saya mungkin perlu memberitahu Anda merekrut apa yang Anda suka dan tidak suka sehubungan dengan itu. Saya telah menyatakan bahwa saya harus terus berbicara tentang hal itu mengenai saran ini. Aku mencoba untuk konsisten. Menemukan keseimbangan antara masalah Anda dan tanggung jawab ini rumit. Aku akan terpana dengan ini, tapi itu sama mudahnya dengan itu. Ini juga bisa menjadi sangat membosankan. Ini nyata. Artriblock Ulasan Mungkin aku mungkin mati salah sehubungan dengan itu. Kurasa kita harus bercabang. Ironisnya, aku tidak mencarinya namun ini adalah keadaan alami kehidupan.

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  RMX Male Enhancement
Posted by: rmxmaleenhancement - 10 hours ago - Forum: Generale - No Replies

More About RMX Male Enhancement:
RMX Penis Size Increasing Formula can assist you with improving your general exhibition while doing sex. It is totally common and home grown male upgrade supplement. This enhancement is accessible on the web.

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