Blockchain based Classic Everquest MMORPG + a fintech recommendation

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Blockchain based Classic Everquest MMORPG + a fintech recommendation
Why put an MMORPG on the blockchain, it is clear...well, I personally feel that we can recreate an even bigger buzz and community of players if some things live on, which will make them exciting and cheap for average players. One of the things it needs to play hard on is that I thought it would be almost like Everquest, but with a social media construct directly on top of it, serving as forums for guild communication, etc.

if you developed a coin for Everquest, we could call it EverCoin, and then make it suitable for POW mining (people with video cards or processors can mine it) and use it in the game as a game currency. As with regular cryptocurrencies, transfers between people will be possible, and any coins used to buy items in the NPC store, as well as coins mined by the game's maintainer, will later be distributed back to players as quest rewards. there will be special blocks containing data such as player inventories, profiles, and other things that are needed in such an MMO. Sysop will get the right to change any data they like, where players will only be allowed to change their own data. In other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the mathematical problems that miners ' computers must solve in order to mine a coin are arbitrary, abstract. In the case of using it for mmorpgs, these problems will be related to the calculation of game logic, such as enemy AI, NPCs, and so on. Which would provide a much more interesting experience of classic everquest if some variables were adjusted.
Yep, u right
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