Trick: Make up for the Songkran Festival to be beautiful without fear of water

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Trick: Make up for the Songkran Festival to be beautiful without fear of water
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQv...5qcGc=.jpg]

Water makeup for girls on Songkran Day It is important to choose a waterproof makeup, whether it is a water-based foundation or a gel formula, which has the ability to lightly adhere to the skin. It is resistant to water and sweat as well, and can also help cover up imperfections on the face as well. In addition, the choice of eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and blush should be chosen. Use the gel type or the cream type as well. Once the girls have already prepared the makeup tools, let's take a look at the makeup tips for the durable Songkran water festival without being afraid of getting wet.

1. Prepare your face with skin care first.
Apply the day cream over the face and neck, then use a waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher, applying a thin layer to the entire face and neck to prevent the sun from damaging the dull skin.

2. Apply a thin primer or makeup base. Over the face
To make the makeup last longer and help smooth the skin. Then apply a liquid or gel based foundation and spread lightly. Evenly over the skin with a brush or sponge until the skin is soft and smooth. But it should not be too thick. Then brush it with loose powder as usual.

3. Make beautiful eyebrows sharp.
Use a waterproof eyebrow pencil to create beautiful and defined eyebrows. Then use an eye primer to apply a thin layer. Until all over the eyelid and then apply cream eyeshadow on the eyelid again Then manage to cut with a waterproof eyeliner close to the upper eye lash. Avoid applying the eyeliner to the lower lash line, as this can easily smudge. When finished, curl your lashes and continue to brush with waterproof mascara.

4. Add color on the face to be more bright.
Use a cream blush to spread on both cheeks, maybe a little darker. Then use a powder blush again to make the face look more natural and beautiful. For the girls lips Apply a sunscreen, keep it soft and moisturize first, then use a pink or red tint to apply on your lips After that, apply lipstick of the color you want all over your lips, then use a tissue paper to blot out once, then apply the same lipstick over and over to get lips with bright lipstick color that are long lasting.

Usually, we girls who love makeup. But if wanting to go to Songkran water festival, there may be some fear that make up and make-up will flow out and stain it, right? But if it was in the old days, it might be right, but nowadays, there are waterproof cosmetics released to please the ladies already, so you can stretch your chest to make up for the summer, splash the Songkran water like a drunk and have fun without fear of being pale.

How are you girls? For any girl who wants to make up beautiful Go out for a swim in Songkran without messing around. Don't forget to apply makeup tips from us. Better than releasing a fresh face and splashing water on Songkran until the face is pale, unattractive. Not worth looking at, right?

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