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Know Responsibilities Of ERP Functional Consultants Computers Articles | August 6 Cheap Steelers Shirts , 2012
An ERP functional consultant role is very crucial responsibilities in implementing and successful running of ERP. Functional consultant starts the first process in implementation which includes understanding the modules to be implemented and configuration and set up options available and ends his task by providing user manual and user training.
In simple language ERP and CRM appear lot similar but both of these are software applications developed to fulfill different purposes, there is more difference between ERP and CRM than similarity. ERP is modular application which is designed for automating different departments of any organization like finance, production Cheap Steelers Jerseys , purchase, sales and distribution, human resource Terry Bradshaw Hat , logistics etc and to integrate them with single software so that any department can see and access information across entire organization. This software is to enhance functioning of the organization, reduce cost of production to increase profit margins. ERP is organization-oriented, it organize the work in a way which increases productivity and efficiency of the company.

On the other hand CRM is software application which focuses on increasing sales by better customer management. The tools in this application are developed for keeping track of possible customers Jack Lambert Hat , existing customers, reorder, order status Javon Hargrave Hat , customer complaints and queries etc, in short it is a single system which combines sales, marketing Sean Davis Hat , contact management and customer support. The basic difference between ERP and CRM is that CRM gives insight to the sales people for generating more business while ERP gives insight to executives and management to increase productivity.

These two applications appear similar because they serve similar purpose, increase profits of the company. But the big difference between ERP and CRM lies in their approach to serve their purposes. CRM increases sales, it helps in analyzing and identifying more opportunities for increasing sales and developing new buyers and market. More sales directly increase profits of the company. ERP on other hand also increase profits but by reducing cost of production Artie Burns Hat , if cost of production gets reduced by 5% through efficient working, better utilization of human and other resources of the company it reflects as rise in profits by 5%. So the basic difference between ERP and CRM is that ERP helps in managing employees and increasing productivity while CRM helps in managing customers and increasing sales.

Difference between ERP and CRM is clearly evident with the fact that CRM can function in far better way with ERP. This happens because company using ERP has all the information available in single database about entire organization and access can be granted to authorized users of CRM to see this information. Availability of crucial information related to customer like his credit limit, payment performance Chukwuma Okorafor Hat , availability of stock, exact delivery date etc can make CRM even more effective in generating business from the market. Information available with CRM related to customers and also their suggestions and feedback can be supplied to the management for taking decisions.

The data supplied by CRM can be of immense help to the management for upgrading their product or services as ERP allows changes intended by the management to be incorporated quickly through entire organization. So, both of these applications working in tandem can be very fruitful for increasing profits and growing business of any organization. CRM and ERP do overlap these days as certain modern ERPs have modules which deal with external entities like suppliers and banks but still these applications have well cut out task and purpose.
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Each month after completing and fine tuning Letters on Life I'm excited about sending it out. Within a few hours I start to wonder about the next letter and whether people will like it. Is it going to be good enough? Because of this concern I procrastinate and wait until the last minute to start writing the next letter. Underlying this version of the fear of rejection or the fear of failure is the question "am I good enough?" We all have that fear in some form or the other usually stemming from an incident in our youth. Let me share with you when it started for me.

I was away from home for the first time at UC Berkeley. There is always someone you meet that you look up to who seems to have all the answers. Mike Breen was that guy for me. I had just turned 17 and at 19 Mike seemed to possess that wisdom and experience about girls that was missing in my life.

I remember the defining conversation like it was yesterday.. "Mike what do you do if you meet a girl and you really like her and maybe even love her?"?.And Mike coolly replied with that air of maturity and experience, "you tell her how you feel". I confusingly asked "What if she says she doesn't love you back?" That was one of my biggest fears and a few years later at the end of my junior year I felt that pain of rejection when my girl friend Bobbi told me she loved someone else. I made the decision that I would never feel that pain again so I avoided anyone who could hurt me like Bobbi did. By looking back and examining some of my old patterns I understand what I did to avoid the possibility of experiencing this pain again.

One thing I did was to select partners who I knew did not fit my picture of the person I wanted to be with. By finding enough faults with them I could keep them at a distance and eventually move on to avoid getting hurt. Another approach was to select a partner. Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Football Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale NBA Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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